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E-Ink and Epson roll out world's highest resolution eReader

The highest resolution 300 dpi ePaper tablets in the world have been developed by E Ink and Seiko Epson. The new eReader is expected to attract the business and education community where huge amounts of data have to be processed, as well as in countries that use character-based text, including Japan and China, stated the companies in an announcement on Monday.
Thin, lightweight, energy-efficient eReaders with easy-to-read, paper-like displays have won over consumers, who are snapping up ePaper devices in unprecedented numbers, causing the market to surge. Demand has also been on the rise in business and education, market segments that require exactly what ePaper provides: the fast and accurate display of enormous amounts of information. Applications in these segments demand higher resolution than that offered by today's 160-dpi displays These market segments also demand faster page navigation and sophisticated user interfaces to allow instant viewing of vast amounts of data.
"As the adoption of eReaders continues to rise worldwide, the opportunities for our EPD technology are expanding in new market segments including business and education," said Scott Liu, chairman of E Ink. "This new EPD delivers the low power, sunlight readability and thin, lightweight form factor at an even higher resolution."
"We developed this device specifically to meet the high data demands of business and academia," said Torao Yajima, managing director at Epson. "Our IC controller and processing power enables the display to handle large files while maintaining the excellent display control and operability found in today's EPDs, including fast page navigation and a sophisticated user interface."
E Ink will manufacture, sell and support the newly developed 300-dpi ePaper displays, which measure 9.68 inches on the diagonal and have 2,400 x 1,650 pixels. Epson will manufacture, sell and support a high-resolution, high-speed display controller platform optimized for controlling E Ink's high-resolution display.
The companies are keen to continue their collaboration to further develop the technology.
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