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ImageXpert 's new website and an expanded set of JetXpert options

The JetXpert drop watcher and analysis system combines state of the art strobing technology with customized optics and powerful ImageXpert software to provide a flexible platform for analyzing the performance of any frequency actuated dispensing head for non-contact dispensing systems through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization. Please visit the new website External Link for more information.
The JetXpert drop watcher has several new options for expanded capabilities:

Print head mountings:

JetXpert mountings are available for print heads from Xaar, Trident, Seiko Epson, Kyocera, Konica-Minolta (KM512, KM1024), Dimatix S-Class and Q-Class, and Ricoh Gen4. These mountings are readily available to decrease time from purchase to system use. ImageXpert offers mounting design for any print head. Please contact ImageXpert for information.

Frequency sweep capability:

A frequency sweep capability is now available as an add-on to existing JetXpert systems or as an option when purchasing new systems.
Print heads and fluids often behave differently at different firing frequencies. To optimize performance, it is often necessary to test drop velocity, volume and stability at a wide range of frequencies. To make this task easier, a fully integrated frequency sweep capability has been developed.
The JetXpert software sends commands to a signal generator, defining frequency, and the signal generator then triggers the print head controller. The JetXpert can be triggered via the signal generator or via a copy of the firing signal of the print head for synchronization.
By integrating the control of a signal generator into the JetXpert software, the system can automatically step through a range of actuating frequencies, and the system can be used to assess the impact of firing frequency on fluid behavior (velocity, volume, repeatability) print head performance with minimal operator intervention.

Universal ink supply system:

To help minimize startup times in R&D, a universal single color ink delivery module has been developed that works with both aqueous and UV curable inks. The ink supply system to be used with the JetXpert system was designed such that the meniscus level remains constant while printing.
This fully integrated system is available as a stand-alone system or as an add-on to new or previously purchased JetXpert systems.
JetXpert drop watching and analysis systems offer unparalleled flexibility in both hardware and software, and provide affordable and powerful solutions for measurement and visualization of drops in flight. JetXpert systems are in widespread use in R&D environments and for system optimization and verification in production.
For more information about these exciting new developments, please feel free to contact us for further details and visit our newly updated JetXpert website and External Link.

Learn more about JetXpert and other ImageXpert products at Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2011:

ImageXpert will have a display and be giving a presentation at IMI Europe's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2011 on June 8-9, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain where you can learn about the new JetXpert system options and other ImageXpert products in detail. More information at External Link.
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