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External Company Press Release

New Light Tape portable rechargeable battery packs

Light Tape UK announces the launch of the new portable, quick recharge, compact, battery units to drive the Light Tape® product in its various portable applications. The new units have been specifically developed to address the existing limitations associated with driving Light Tape using portable battery technology.
Light Tape® has been used for many applications in the event, exhibition, entertainment and safety industries but the main barrier to its more widespread use in these sectors has been the size and poor performance of current battery technology.
Where the addition of light for wearable/non wearable applications is required for example: safety jackets etc in industry; stage, tv and movie costumes and props in entertainment; event displays, mobile bars, Ice buckets, poser tables, table centers etc; free standing, portable exhibition stands and brochure stands for exhibition, product display and POS Units (the list of applications could go on).
At present, a DC power unit has to be supplied separately to the battery, switch and charger which can make the solution bulky and difficult to conceal if for instance the Light Tape® is required to be lit for an extended time, so requiring a larger power unit. Or, time consuming if a smaller battery was used that needed to be recharged every few hours, depending on the overall size and power needs of the Light Tape® being driven. However the new Portable battery packs confirm that, "good things really do come in small packages".
The new portable, quick rechargeable battery unit has both the power driver and battery encased in the one unit. It has a vastly extended battery life, is rechargeable and comes in three sizes.
The new portable battery unit features an on/off/flashing switch plus red light indicator, a belt clip, it has a vastly extended battery life and is rechargeable. The smallest (PDC24) battery unit can drive up to 24 Square inches of Light Tape®. The PDC60 battery unit can drive up to 60" Square inches of Light Tape® and the PDC120 battery can drive up to 120 Square inches of Light Tape®.
All of this adds up to an extremely viable solution that ticks all the boxes and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the use of affordable, practical, portable Light Tape® displays.
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