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PragmatIC partners with Holst Centre on printed logic technology

Focus on amorphous oxide materials, devices and circuits

PragmatIC Printing Ltd, the pioneer in imprinted logic circuits, and Holst Centre,an open-innovation initiative by imec (Belgium) and TNO (Netherlands), have recently announced their collaboration in the research, development and exploitation of flexible electronics.
PragmatIC's novel intellectual property in semiconductor device architectures and processes opens up a range of new possibilities for Holst Centre's research programme relating to oxide semiconductors, transistors and circuits. This formal partnership follows an extensive evaluation of Holst Centre's amorphous oxide semiconductor and related material stack, confirming its suitability for printed logic based on PragmatIC's unique approach.
In addition to fundamental R&D, the collaboration has also already contributed towards the practical application of flexible electronics. PragmatIC's customer-led prototyping of integrated product concepts has been accelerated by Holst Centre's expertise in related fields, such as OLEDs-on-flex.
Gerwin Gelinck, Program Manager at Holst Centre stated "PragmatIC's unique device structures and high resolution imprint process naturally complement Holst Centre's existing expertise in materials and printed logic circuits. We believe this compelling combination will significantly advance the practical commercialisation of printed electronics technology."
"This partnership gives PragmatIC access to Holst Centre's wealth of expertise and extensive R&D resources under an open innovation model," said Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of PragmatIC Printing Ltd. "We are also excited about leveraging Holst Centre's network of partners in order to provide an even broader range of integrated printed electronics concepts for our customers."
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