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Major investment in mass production of organic & printed electronics

Currently, massive investments are being made into production facilities for new products based on organic and printed electronics. Driving forces are organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for lighting, flexible displays and organic photovoltaics.
Fourth OE-A roadmap describes future focus of the industry first-ever "OPV-powered flashlight"
"Today we see numerous companies investing in organic and printed electronics. Besides the expansion of the portfolios of the global players from the chemical and electronics industries, especially the installation of pilot- and large scale production facilities for OLED lighting and flexible displays should be mentioned," says Wolfgang Mildner, Member of the OE-A board of directors (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) and managing director, PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, at the OE-A press conference on the occasion of the opening of the third LOPE-C - Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention, recently in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
"We expect investments on the order of US-$1 billion in the next several years in particular into the large scale production of e-readers, OLED Lighting und organic photovoltaics (OPV)," says Mildner.
Fourth OE-A Roadmap describes future focus of the industry
The new OE-A roadmap maps out the status and trends of applications and technologies. It gives an overview of future product generations in the fields of OPV, flexible displays, lighting, electronic components and integrated systems.
The roadmap covers the full breadth of today's products such as simple pressure sensors or glucose test strips, flexible solar cells for consumer applications or OLED designer lamps, to mid- and long-term projected applications. Specifications for materials and technologies are defined in the roadmap, and major hurdles on the path to mass production - so called "Red-Brick-Walls"- are identified.
First-ever "OPV-powered flashlight"
"Organic and printed electronics is a fascinating platform technology, enabling new applications. The new give-away in the OE-A brochure - a thin flashlight powered by an organic solar cell is such an example", says Mildner. "The small flashlight tangibly demonstrates the possibilities that organic and printed electronics have to offer in terms of scalability, miniaturization, adaptability, manufacturability, integration, and complexity."
The Roadmap as well as additional information on the OE-A and its members can be found in the new OE-A brochure "Organic and Printed Electronics" which was published at LOPE-C.
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Source: VDMA
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