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PowerFilm receives $220,000 for building integrated PV's

PowerFilm, the Ames-based maker of thin, flexible solar panels, will use a $220,000 grant from the Iowa Power Fund Board to commercialize its building integrated product line.

PowerFilm Inc. developer and manufacturer of thin flexible solar panels and roll to roll flexible electronics, has been awarded a $220,000 grant from the Iowa Power Fund for commercializing its building integrated photovoltaics or BIPV products.
The award will help support various aspects of commercializing PowerFilm's new building integrated products: develop manufacturing automation and solar panel test equipment for the new product line, demonstration projects for prospective customers, a loaner kit for commercial, community, and civic groups to use for educational purposes, and product and marketing information materials to explain the products and systems in detail online.
PowerFilm will make in-kind contributions to the project as part of its overall program for commercializing its building integrated solar product line. As part of the program, the Company will make $60,000 in so-called success payments back to the Iowa Power Fund over three years, thereby resulting in the grant having a net value of $160,000.
The Iowa Power Fund is a state of Iowa governmental entity that provides support for research, development, early stage commercialization and implementation of energy technologies and practices that will reduce Iowa's dependence on foreign sources of energy and fossil fuels.
"We're very pleased to have this strategic support to give a boost to the commercialization of our building integrated solar products, especially for our differentiated product in the architectural fabric market, Texysolar, that has been developed with our strategic partner Serge Ferrari," commented Mike Coon, VP, Building Integrated, Business Development, and External Relations.
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