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eMagin & University of Rochester to develop next generation OLEDs

eMagin Corporation have formed a partnership with the University of Rochester to develop next-generation organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) for high-efficiency, solid-state lighting systems.
The research effort is being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy in a three-year, $1.3 million effort to more than triple the light output of the current generation of OLEDs. The grant to help develop the next generation of high-efficiency, solid-state lighting systems was awarded to the University of Rochester and eMagin Corporation. eMagin will receive a portion of the award amount for its work on the project.
Andrew G. Sculley, President and CEO of eMagin, a developer of OLED microdisplays and virtual imaging technologies, commented, "While OLEDs are giving consumers efficient, brighter and faster electronic displays, about 80% of light is trapped inside the device and is wasted. Therefore, the partnership will seek to drastically improve the amount of useful light emitted from the device by developing technologies that use nano-particle based plasmonic scattering of light."
Mr. Sculley continued, "Solid state lighting is one of the areas the DOE is focusing on as it seeks solutions that will help optimize energy consumption in the U.S. while reducing carbon emissions. Success in this research effort has the potential to revolutionize the multi-billion-dollar markets for home, commercial and industrial lighting systems. In addition, advances in OLED technology for solid state lighting systems could also help make our microdisplays even more efficient, further improving our competitive position in the military, commercial and industrial markets we serve."
Source: eMagin Corporation
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