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InkTec opens dedicated production facility for Thinfilm Memory

Thinfilm's partner InkTec upgrades and expands their production capacity.

Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") have announced that its memory production partner InkTec, headquartered in Ansan, South Korea, has opened a new dedicated production facility for Thinfilm Memory.
Several leading toy manufacturers have purchased the Thinfilm Toy Development Kit and are evaluating specific toy concepts based on Thinfilm Memory.
"We have established a supply chain, with InkTec as our main production partner, and are ready to meet the demand for low-cost high-volume consumer applications,"says Davor Sutija, Thinfilm CEO.
Thinfilm is also seeing increased interest from other industries. "We are being approached by leading companies in several additional markets, for applications such as promotional cards, online monetization, and secure documents," Sutija continues.
In 2009, Thinfilm and InkTec were the first in the world to produce polymer memories at large scale using roll-to-roll printing. The new, upgraded facility has a production capacity of 10 million tags of Thinfilm Memory per month, and will support production of passive array memory. Thinfilm and InkTec will also work on the development of addressable memories, which combine memory and logic in an integrated device.
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