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External Company Press Release

New product release - MK11-O

Plasma Etch, Inc has introduced a low cost printed circuit board plasma system utilizing two key technological patents developed by Plasma Etch, Inc that when combined, simply put, produce superior results, the fastest etch rates and cycle times.
The MK11-O is the ideal solution for desmear and etchback applications.
The MK11-0 has the technological advantage of offering the unique combination of process temperature control and electrostatic shielding both working in harmony to produce the most consistent, most uniform, most reliable etch rates obtainable across an entire boards surface. Plasma Etch agrees and so will you, this is what it's all about, the best end results. We invite all PCB manufacturers and all technical gurus to check this system out.
For more information please visit WWW.PLASMAETCH.COM External Link
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