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Pragmatic and De La Rue demonstrate wireless-powered security labels

PragmatIC Printing Ltd, the pioneer in imprinted logic circuits, and De La Rue plc, the world's largest integrated commercial security printer and papermaker, announced that they are working together on prototypes for printed electronic security products.
Codenamed project "RAIL" (Remotely Activated Interactive Labels), the £600,000 development is supported by a grant from the UK's Technology Strategy Board. The companies have completed prototypes of a range of concepts applicable to security printing markets, following the broad premise of a visual feature (a light or logo) that is triggered by consumer interaction.
No battery is required - power is harvested wirelessly from a standard RFID (radio frequency identification) or NFC (near field communications) reader. Such readers are quickly becoming widespread, for example in contactless retail payment systems or integrated into latest generation mobile phones. This means the labels can be extremely flexible and thin (around 50 microns), and are also compatible with conventional hot lamination processes.
Philip Cooper, Head of Ideas at De La Rue stated: "PragmatIC's unique imprint based approach to printed electronics is not only able to deliver potentially exciting new security features, but is also a natural complement to other security printing technologies such as holographic embossing."
PragmatIC will demonstrate the prototypes in Washington, DC on 12th-14th September 2011.
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