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CETEMMSA carries out research on photovoltaic textiles

Car dashboards, pillows and jackets with the capability of generating clean, renewable, wearable and autonomous energy are some of the products that will be shown in the DEPHOTEX booth at ITMA, which takes place from the 22nd to the 29th of September in Barcelona.
The international project DEPHOTEX, coordinated by the Spanish Technological Centre CETEMMSA, develops photovoltaic textiles with properties inherent to fabrics, allowing low cost and industrially sustainable production of new textile products. The resulting product must have textile appearance and properties: flexibility, lightness, durability, resistance to water and dust.
The challenge for the future consists in achieving that the fabric itself turns to be photovoltaic, so that textiles generate clean, renewable, wearable and autonomous energy thanks to their sun exposure.
Coordinated by CETEMMSA and in the frame of the European Project DEPHOTEX which finalizes in fall 2011, 15 entities from 7 different countries have been carrying out research on photovoltaic textiles during the last 3 years. With 4,2 M€ total budget, the prototypes that are being developed in DEPHOTEX have large areas of applications: automotive, sports, leisure, home and interiors, architecture.
The project will soon present its first results and starts now seeking for collaboration agreements with strategic stakeholders interested in the challenge of producing photovoltaic textiles.
CETEMMSA is a technology centre with particular expertise in the treatment of flexible surfaces in the field of Printed Electronics to obtain smart devices with an outstanding track record of more than 20 years. Certified and approved by government agencies, it forms part of the Catalan autonomous government's TECNIO network and is one of six advanced technology centres in Catalonia. Its goal is to improve companies' competitiveness and help them through product innovation.
CETEMMSA's activity focuses on research and development of smart devices by treating flexible surfaces with the capacity to bring new utilities to various economic sectors such as health and well-being, automotive and transport, professional sports, security and protection, packaging, architecture and construction, technical textiles among others.
CETEMMSA Technology Centre is part of the Science Park and Innovation TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme and has a facility of 2,800 m2 and has 85 professionals.
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