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nTact & Holst Centre partner for innovations in roll-to-roll coating

nTact, the dba for FAS Holdings Group LLC, a US manufacturer of high-precision, fully integrated deposition systems for the microelectronics and energy industries, and Holst Centre, an open-innovation initiative by imec (BE) and TNO (NL), recently announced their partnership in the field of flexible electronics.
In a joint research effort with the existing partners at Holst Centre, technologies will be developed to enable patterned deposition of homogeneous film layers on flexible foils. These layers are needed for large-scale manufacturing of applications such as flexible OLED lighting and Organic Photovoltaics (OPV).
Roll-to-roll processes are considered vital to the commercialization of flexible electronic devices such as OLED lighting and OPV. This means that process steps need to be compatible with web speeds. For layers that require patterned deposition with high-precision edges perpendicular to the deposition direction, the options are limited. Selective Area Coating, a technology developed by nTact, is one promising technique that could fulfill this need.
nTact has vast expertise in patterned coating of various chemistries in sheet-to-sheet (batch) processing for applications such as display, lighting and photovoltaic. nTact's unique technology will now be jointly developed and applied towards roll-to-roll compatible processes within the scope of the partnership at Holst Centre. The low-viscosity inks used for flexible electronics add a stimulating element to the research.
Ronn Andriessen, Program Manager Large-Area Printing at Holst Centre: "We are very proud to have nTact on board. Having access to their unique technology - and being able to contribute to it - is a big asset for our own researchers and the other partners in the program. The outcome of the research will be a necessary step towards large-volume manufacturing of OPV and OLED lighting devices on flexible substrates."
David Torres, Chief Executive Officer of nTact commented: "We're very enthusiastic about our partnership in the Holst Centre program. The development of a roll-to-roll solution is a key element in our company's strategic plan as we believe roll to roll processing will play a significant role in the commercialization of a number of key technologies within the printed electronics industry - particularly those with low price points." Mr. Torres went on to say, "As the pioneers in slot die coating for the microelectronics industry, nTact has extensive know-how and technology to contribute to the development of this exciting new process tool."
Source: nTact and Holst Centre
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