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Posted on September 29, 2011 by  & 
External Company Press Release

Plasma Etch rolls out the PE-100 Convertible

Plasma Etch has introduced a revolutionary new plasma system that incorporates two individual plasma etching / cleaning type/mode technologies into one complete stand alone plasma etching/cleaning system.
The PE-100 Convertible allows the user the ability to switch back and forth between RIE anisotropic type etching mode applications and isotropic type etching/cleaning mode applications. Traditionally, two separate stand alone plasma systems were necessary to achieve this capability.
The PE-100 Convertible system is used for R & D, medical devices, solar cells, nanotechnology, optics, printed circuit boards, MEMs, wafer level packaging, and laboratory applications as well as many other related semiconductor processes.
We invite experts in all these fields and all technical gurus to come check out this system.
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