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IIMAK Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics Industry

With over 25 years experience in developing and manufacturing inks, IIMAK is introducing a new electrically conductive screen ink featuring a silver alternative to the Printed Electronics Industry.
Dubbed Metallograph, this highly conductive screen ink improves efficiencies and provides a cost effective solution in several printed electronics applications, including membrane switches, flexible circuits, displays, and electroluminescent lighting.
"IIMAK's SSC conductive screen inks delivers industry leading low cure time and low cure temperatures, while providing excellent durability and conductivity properties on a variety of substrates", states Daniel J. Harrison, IIMAK's Senior Vice President of Research and Development. "IIMAK's SSC conductive ink features a silver alternative, providing a cost-effective solution, while achieving many resistivity specifications".
IIMAK's new conductive screen ink will lead the consumable frontier in printed electronic solutions, as manufacturers can now achieve greater throughput and avoid costly downtime within their manufacturing processes. SSC ink offers notable performance in applications requiring fine line features.
IIMAK develops, manufactures, and markets all types of printing, imaging, and marking consumables including inks, thermal transfer ribbons, specialty papers, cartridges and cassettes.
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