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E Ink September sales revenues jumped

E InkHoldings the pioneer of TFT and ePaper business, has experienced record high sales revenues in September, with September stand alone revenues totaling NT$ 3.802 billion, representing a growth of 143% compared to last year, and a growth of 44 percent compared to last month.
September consolidated revenues reached NT$ 4.604 billion, representing a growth of 117% compared to last year, and a growth of 33% compared to last month. The unaudited revenues for the third quarter totaled NT$ 8.75 billion, while consolidated quarterly revenues reached NT$ 10.93 billion. Cumulative consolidated revenues from January to September totaled NT$ 27.94 billion, which exceeded 2010 consolidated revenues.
Although the global economy continues to be weak, E Ink has seen increases in shipments of electronic paper displays month after month. Customers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Sony have released new eReaders featuring E Ink ePaper displays during 2011.
According to a survey by Harris Interactive, one in six U.S. adults has an eReader, and another one in six plan to buy one within the next six months.
Scott Liu, the chairman of E Ink, commented, "This year our customers have launched a number of affordable, light-weight eReaders with exciting new feature sets. I anticipate that the eReader will become a best-selling holiday gift this year."
In addition to ePaper display products, E Ink's LCD business has also seen growth, with a major customer recently releasing a price-competitive tablet PC using FFS wide viewing angle technology by Hydis, E Ink's subsidiary in South Korea.
The Company expects tablets and eReaders to be complimentary products, with tablets offering mobile multimedia interactivity, and eReaders offering the paper-like experience and long battery life needed for immersive reading.
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