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Another success for 2D barcodes

With EPC RFID tags holding up in price due to increasingly complex - even military level - specifications being favoured by suppliers and users in retail and military applications, 2D barcodes are haqving a new lease of life. Ford recently chose Visidot 2D barcodes for chassis identification, seeing such a system as cheaper than an RFID equivalent over life and indeed up front.
Visidot on food crates
Now the Visidot company ImageID and Rentacrate, a leader in crate rental, have announced the successful installation of a Visidot AIDC System at the Rentacrate facility in London. With the Visidot system, Rentacrate are demonstrating a system for achieving full asset visibility and end-to-end traceability to their customers. Rentacrate tracks returnable crates within its own depot network using sophisticated inventory systems, but was looking for a comprehensive and automated traceability platform to offer its clients, particularly those with fast-moving and high quantity products, in food production and retail distribution.
John Mitchell, Rentacrate Sales and Marketing Director, declared, 'Using the Visidot system at the London depot, we can demonstrate 100% reading accuracy. That is the basis for more efficient operations for Rentacrate and enables full product traceability for our customers.
Customers who have seen the system are excited about the ability to achieve higher accuracy in their logistics operations and turnkey compliance with traceability rules like the European Food Law'.

Food Traceability 2006 conference will be held on February 1-2 2006 in Dallas, USA. This hot topic is driven by health scares, bioterrorism and new laws. It will become the largest RFID application but we cover DNA and many other vital technologies as well. For further details please visit External Link
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