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Printechnologics connects luxury brands with Touchcode technology

The WELT Group is the first one to use Printechnologics' Touchcode technology by linking the sixth edition of its iPad magazine The ICONIST with the style magazine ICON. On 23 October, the new edition of ICON will be released as a special supplement of WELT am SONNTAG, which contains a card equipped with an electronic data storage developed by Printechnologics. Highlight of the embedded data storage: It is sufficient to put the card on the iPad to start enjoying the latest issue of The ICONIST. It only takes a few seconds to activate Touchcode and start downloading the reading pleasure - a completely new experience for the reader. This combination of traditional and new media also convinces Audi. The automotive company is the official advertising partner for the sixth edition of The ICONIST, presenting its new Audi Q3.
Invisible data storage from the printing press - this is Touchcode by Printechnologics. The company uses conventional printing methods to transform paper, carton or foil into a key to digital content, thereby establishing with Touchcode the communications standard between offline and online. Companies can combine easily the Touchcode technology with already existing apps or websites. In order to activate the data, a touch-screen smart phone or tablet is sufficient. The user only has to open the app or the company website on his device and put the printed material with the embedded Touchcode on the surface. The smart phone or tablet will recognize the data automatically, upload the content and display it directly onto the screen. For example, this may be a free issue of The ICONIST, which can be read without any delay.
There is absolutely no need for a camera, a special Near Field Communication or a hardware modification.
By realizing this project for the WELT Group, the Axel Springer AG is the first multimedia company globally to implement the new technology in order to link print and online services intuitively. This innovative project is put into practice by the unit New Business. The ICONIST is the first magazine on the European market produced exclusively for the iPad and one of the very first in the world. Its purpose: merging the intuitive reading experience of print media with the multimedia interactivity of the iPad.
Inge Griese, editor-in-chief of ICON/The ICONIST: "The use of Touchcode is a fascinating experience and a great solution for establishing a link between the print edition ICON and our digital offerings like the magazine for iPad, The ICONIST. Both brands stand for quality, innovation and that "certain something" - besides fulfilling this commitment on the content level, we are now able to fulfill it on a technological level, too.
Carola Curio, advertising manager at Axel Springer Media Impact: "With Touchcode there is not gap in the usage of media for the first time. The world of printed materials is fitting seamlessly into the mobile world. This is a special experience, which is used for the first time by the style and luxury brands of the WELT group, is delighting advertisers like Audi, who supports this innovation project as exclusive sponsor."
„We are pleased about the partnership with the Axel Springer AG. The completion of the project as well as the decision to use Touchcode for the iPad app promotion of The ICONIST shows how future-oriented the publishing company is", states Sascha Voigt, CEO at Printechnologics. "Once again, Touchcode has demonstrated its enormous functionality and leading technology."
About Printechnologics
Printechnologics is the leading technology developer for Printed Functionalities. The company develops electronic systems produced entirely by a common printing machine. Printechnologics has been offering its first commercially viable product since 2010 - the Touchcode, an electronic data storage. It can be integrated into any printable material, being completely recyclable, invisible and flexible.
Creatively driving forward the long overdue evolution of printed paper, every kind of printed product, from advertising leaflets to labels to forgery-proof packaging, is arriving in the digital age. Ready for production, these first products are the start of a long series of inventions that will change everyday life. Since 2010, Printechnologics is a 3M New Venture Company. For more information, visit
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