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First factory for organic semiconductor sensors

NANOIDENT is building what it claims to be the world's first factory for organic semiconductor sensors in Linz, Austria. Specializing in the development and production of organic photodetectors, the company will invest a two-digit million Euro amount in the construction of its NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB.

Just-in-time organic sensors

At NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB, organic semiconductor materials will be printed onto extremely thin and flexible plastic films using industrial inkjet printing systems. This will enable the production of large, flexible and inexpensive sensors at quality and performance levels previously unknown. NANOIDENT's CTO Franz Padinger explained, "For the first time, we will be able to realize the just-in-time production of custom-made organic sensors using highly automated design, production and quality assurance processes."
NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB, a new generation chip factory, will use intelligent, highly efficient manufacturing technologies. These will enable the environmental friendly just-in-time production of customer specific, highly innovative sensor solutions for new industrial mass markets, while considerably reducing resource consumption. NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB is planned to go into production in mid 2006. Adequate production capacities will make sure that industrial clients are guaranteed short delivery periods even in times of increased market demand. In figures, this means that with its 100,000 m2 of chips per year, NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB's annual production capacity more than doubles that of Europe's most modern silicon chip factory!
Hear Nanoident present at Printed Electronics USA 2005 External Link.
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