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Flexible circuit technology, 4th edition now available

Technology never sleeps, and the five years that have passed since the previous edition of Flexible Circuit Technology was released have provided a substantial amount of new material for the all-new fourth edition of Flexible Circuit Technology, edited by 40-year electronics interconnection industry veteran Joseph Fjelstad and coauthored with some the world's top interconnection technologists.
Their collaborative efforts have resulted in a much-expanded, all-new and comprehensive resource covering all aspects of flexible circuit technology from beginning design through final assembly.
Flexible Circuit Technology, 4th Edition, is now available as a free download.
"It is a significant challenge to make any technical book relevant in a timely manner due to the rapid pace of technology. With the exceptional contributions of my esteemed coauthors in this 4th edition, I believe that we have created something of real value for the electronics interconnection industry," said editor and coauthor Fjelstad. "That we are able to provide this important knowledge for free to users around the world is most gratifying and I feel that we and the readers owe special thanks to our sponsors - Airtech International, All Flex Flexible Circuits LLC, American Standard Circuits, Circuits LLC, EPEC Engineered Technologies, Imagineering Inc.,, and Lenthor Engineering - who made this book possible"
This all-new edition is significantly expanded and updated, adding timely and vital information to existing chapters on materials, design, implementation, manufacturing, assembly and reliability of flexible circuits. In addition to the new technical information, there are new and interesting insights into the history of flex circuits, the current state of the technology and as well some predictions for the future. All new chapters are included in this edition covering some of the evolving and topical subjects of the day including recent developments in the areas of printed electronics, solderless assembly, stretchable circuits and plated through-hole reliability.
Flexible Circuit Technology, 4th Edition promises to be a must-have resource for designers, manufacturers and users of flexible circuits. Thanks to the generous support of some of the leading suppliers of materials, processes and manufacturers of flex circuit products.
To get your free PDF download, simply click on this link you are on your way to being at the cutting edge of the world of flexible circuit technology.
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