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Industrial Inkjet launched XYPrint 100 at Printed Electronics USA 2011

Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ) exhibited at the 8th Annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference held in Santa Clara, CA November 30th through December 1st. IIJ presented the new XYPrint 100 deposition printer based on Konica Minolta printhead technology.
The XYPrint 100 is a complete, high accuracy inkjet system designed for a wide range of materials deposition applications. It is ideal and affordable for process or material development, small scale or pilot line manufacturing using Konica Minolta printheads.
The precision stage with +/- 3 micron absolute accuracy and repeatability of motion of +/- 1 micron is ideal for critical features and printing layers. The IIJ XYPrint 100 uses full production standard Konica Minolta inkjet printheads for the highest accuracy, repeatability and reliability.
"This event was successful again with growth in terms of delegates and exhibitors. The interest in inkjet technology is high for its many benefits to the industry such as low material cost, non-contact, precision digital ink delivery. The attendee response to the IIJ XYPrint 100 was very positive" - said Laura Kitzmann, Business Development Manager, USA.
"It was attractive to material manufacturers, research and academia institutes and printing companies. The tool in some cases was valued for prototyping and small scale production. There was notable interest in Konica Minolta printheads for their reliability and ease of use and the fact development work is fully scalable to production using the XYPrint 100 with a variety of Konica Minolta printheads."
Key features of the IIJ XYPrint 100:
  • Complete 1 to 4 head XY printing system
  • Very high accuracy motion stages (1 micron repeatability, 3 micron absolute accuracy)
  • Works with full production-standard Konica Minolta printheads
  • Compatible with any KM512 model printhead head. KM1024 version available.
  • Suitable for water-based, oil, solvent and UV inks.
  • Suitable for conductive and special-purpose inks.
  • Powerful software gives full access to all printhead parameters.
  • 'Syringe' low volume ink system.
  • A4 sized Vacuum bed
  • Capping system for volatile inks
Despite the company did not exhibit IIJ print engine systems; great interest by conference attendees was generated by the display of single-pass print samples. The IIJ print engines can be integrated with existing or new transports to provide digital printing solutions for electronics.
Print samples and more information on products are available upon request from Industrial Inkjet.
More information on Industrial Inkjet Ltd can be found at External Link.
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