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Pragmatic's imprinted logic moving into commercial production

Moves are a foot for PragmatIC Printing to launch its technology to
pilot-scale production under an agreement with the Printable Electronics Technology Centre at The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI).
The pilot facilities will not only support commercial production for low
volume applications, it will also provide a platform for the
collaborative PragmatIC Pilot Production Program (P4).
P4 will involve the entire value chain for deployment of their
technology - including licensees for high volume production,
complementary technology providers, systems integrators such as
converters and labellers, and end users including major brand owners.
PragmatIC's approach to printed logic allows the rapid transition to
commercial production using readily available equipment. The pilot
should start operation by the fourth quarter of 2012.
Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of PragmatIC Printing, stated, "We welcome interest from all those in the industry who want to make printed electronics products a reality, and encourage collaborative participation in our P4 initiative."
Tom Taylor, CPI's Director of Printable Electronics, added: "We are keen to leverage our extensive facilities and expertise to assist PragmatIC Printing in moving to commercial production."
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