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VCF expands thin film manufacturing capabilities

VCF recently invested in a new production line that produces thin films and coatings for customers in a variety of industries including flexible electronics and displays, medical, aerospace, solar energy and optical devices. The installation of the new web coating line, which was custom-designed and constructed specifically for VCF, allows VCF to produce specialty materials using many different polymers and apply them to virtually any flexible roll-to-roll substrate.
From solar panels to medical probes, thin films are revolutionizing a wide range of industries and fueling new innovations around the world. With billions of dollars in new technologies and wide open markets riding on just a few microns of material, thin film and coating quality has never been more important.
According to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ray Durling, VCF's precision slot die process yields the thinnest possible films and coatings while at the same time ensuring blemish and pinhole-free materials that are used in the manufacturing of critical components. "With our ability to use a wide range of polymers, additives, solvents and substrates on our new production line, our films and coatings are indispensible in a broad array of industries where high performance products require high performance materials." Durling added, "We are working with many customers at both the R&D and production stages to ensure their products meet the demands of the marketplace."
According to VCF President Reva Kamins, "We are pleased to bring these improvements to a diverse group of flexible electronics customers and look forward to partnering with them as this industry continues to grow."
Some of VCF's new product offerings include:
  • High temperature films including polyetherimide and polyphenylsulfone, among others, for high temperature applications including flexible electronics.
  • Flexible polyurethane and silicone films ranging from ultra-clear and ultra-weatherable paint protection films to very flexible and hydrolytically stable medical grade films.
  • Weatherable films including PVDF and acrylic for clear layers on a flexible solar panel or weather protective layers on signs.
  • VCF can also add specialty fillers in high percentages, as necessary for conductive films, flame resistant films and lithium ion battery coatings.
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