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Thinfilm receives first order for scalable array printed memory

Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") receives receipt of its first engineering order for Thinfilm Passive Array Memory™, a non-volatile rewriteable fully-printed memory suitable for a number of applications, including use in secure documents and value cards.
With passive array memories, the number of contact points needed to read and write the memory is reduced, allowing more compact designs and improved contacting accuracy.
"This unlocks markets and opens up opportunities for new applications, as the number of bits in passive array memories is no longer limited by pad count and we can scale to 100 bits and higher in the same area we use currently for 20 bits," says Dr. Davor Sutija, Thinfilm CEO.
World's first printed passive array memory
The passive array architecture separates the memory from the read/write electronics and dispenses with the need for active circuitry within the memory array and memory cell.
"This is the world's first printed memory array for high-volume manufacturing and consumer applications," Sutija continues. "Passive array memory is the enabling component in printed integrated systems and smart tags for the Internet of Things, as it allows for additional functionality and more compact tag design."
Thinfilm's roadmap has expanded from stand-alone memories to include printed electronic system products.
2012 roadmap for Thinfilm printed memory products:
Thinfilm Memory™: 20-bit single-line memories are commercially available. The first public application occurred at the Exploratorium in San Francisco last week. Additional applications will be launched later this year.
Thinfilm Passive Array Memory™: Delivery of engineering samples will begin in Q2 2012, to customers seeking compact memory designs and higher bit count.
Thinfilm Addressable Memory™: Demonstrated last October, and recognized last month with the FlexTech 2012 Innovation Award in Printed Electronics, given for the most significant commercial innovation in the industry, Thinfilm Addressable Memory combines Thinfilm Passive Array Memory with printed CMOS-equivalent logic, and is a technology platform that enables printed systems such as temperature sensors, disposable price labels, and non-contact ID tags. An integrated system prototype is expected by the end of 2012.
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