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Blue Spark thin flexible batteries at Printed Electronics Europe 2012

Exclusive show giveaway demonstrates how printed electronics bring excitement to consumer packaging, retail displays, print media and more.

Blue Spark Technologies, the leading supplier of thin, flexible, eco-friendly printed batteries, is a key contributor to an interactive printed media demonstrator which will be distributed to all attendees at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2012 conference and exhibition on April 3-4 in Berlin.
Working with Caledon Controls Ltd. of Canada and other component suppliers, Blue Spark provided its carbon-zinc batteries as a primary power source to activate LED lights in a promotional demonstrator of printed electronics technology. The demonstrator is designed to create 'user pull' and spur creative application ideas on the part of buyers, brand managers, marketers and OEMs attending the show. It will also be part of the show's "Demonstration Street" focus on real-world applications.
Matt Ream, Blue Spark Technologies' vice president of marketing, notes: "Giving show attendees a working interactive print media product adds fun and excitement to the event and, more importantly, signals to the world that printed electronics have come of age. The technology is ready for prime time and the goal of all involved is to create innovative new products across global markets."
Blue Spark batteries are used in a wide range of applications, including interactive CPG packaging, retail merchandising displays, battery assisted RFID, RF-linked sensor solutions, powered smartcards, and printed media such as books, magazines, posters, toys and greeting cards.
For more information and product demonstrations, visit Blue Spark's Stand D108 at Printed Electronics Europe 2012, or at External Link.
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