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New York designer and Novaled create new OLED light

New York artist and designer Marcus Tremonto, in cooperation with Novaled has designed PAD, a new transparent OLED suspension light.
Based on the pad-like fingers of the red-eyed tree frog, PAD uses transparent OLED panels to create three types of illumination. The first two types occur when the OLED light is switched on, during which the bottom of the lamp gives off a rich white light, while the top emits ambient light in a variety of colors. The initial series of colors, red, yellow and blue, were chosen in honor of the Bauhaus school of design. The third type of illumination occurs when PAD is switched off, during which ambient light surrounding the lamp will pass through its transparent OLED panels, creating colored shadows similar to the effect of light passing through stained glass. The OLED panels are also partially transparent when switched on, creating a combination of light and technology that highlights the unique design potential of transparent OLED light sources.
PAD also represents an expandable idea of form which illustrates the beauty and innovative principles of transparent OLED lighting technology. PAD light can be modified, depending on the purpose and requirements of the lighting installation, to create larger area lighting designs that reflect the unique potential of transparent OLED panels.
"In our work, we primarily concentrate on using light as a material, which I firmly believe is the future of lighting design," said Marcus Tremonto. "Because they are thin, large area light sources, OLEDs are at the forefront of this future. By using transparent OLED panels in PAD, we showed this light source for what it truly is, a magical experience which takes full advantage of the unique design properties of OLEDs to create a work of art and light."
"The PAD light demonstrates the amazing potential of OLEDs for extraordinary lighting products today and for a wider range of area lighting applications in the future," said Gerd Günther, Chief Marketing Officer of Novaled.
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Source: Novaled
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