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G24 Innovations Energy Harvesting Device wins 2012 IDTechEx award

G24 Innovations (G24i), the manufacturer of next-generation Dye Sensitized Photo Electric Cells, has been awarded the prestigious IDTechEx prize for the 2012 Best Technical Development of an Energy Harvesting Device at the Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012 conference and exhibition award dinner.
Following an extensive review by the expert judging panel, the award was given to G24i for the launch of the most valuable new energy harvesting product in the last 24 months, based on a criteria which included technical development of the product, its market potential and benefits it brings over alternative solutions in the market.
G24i's victory was based on the successful development and commercial launch of its Dye Sensitized Energy Harvesting Photo Electric Technology. Light weight and extremely flexible, the film can easily be integrated by Original Equipment Manufacturers into their products as a low-cost power alternative.
Robert Hertzberg, Co-Founder of G24 Innovations, said: "It is a great honor to be recognised by IDTechEx as a leader in the fast emerging energy harvesting market, and to follow in the footsteps of the 2011 winner, Texas Instruments. At G24 Innovations we believe that our ability to provide point of use wireless power indoors has the potential to change the way consumers think about batteries and wires, providing an environmentally friendly, low carbon alternative."
Earlier this year G24i announced that it had successfully delivered ground-breaking efficiency rates for the indoor performance of its Dye-Sensitized Cells. At an average of 26% conversion efficiency, a new cell composition has broken the company's previous record of 15%, which rates G24i's photovoltaic cell as almost five times more powerful than its nearest commercial competitor.
About G24 Innovations
G24 Innovations Limited is a global leader in the manufacturing of next generation Dye Sensitized photo-electric Cells (DSC). G24i's disruptive technology is powered by any light- low light, lamp light, indoors and out and has the potential to make disposable batteries obsolete with the recycling of ambient light to electricity. G24i energy harvesting technology will give birth to a new family of autonomous self-powering electronic devices.
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