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ITW takes licence to integrate PragmatIC's unique imprinted logic tech

PragmatIC Printing Ltd, the pioneer in imprinted logic circuits, and ITW Foils and Thermal Films Group, a group of businesses who are a part of Illinois Tool Works Inc. an $18 billion global, diversified manufacturer of advanced industrial technology, have announced a licensing agreement enabling ITW to develop and sell novel printed electronics solutions incorporating PragmatIC's unique technology.
ITW will also join the collaborative PragmatIC Pilot Production Program (P4) as an integrator, working with PragmatIC's other partners to ensure a complete and scalable supply chain for these solutions. The ITW Foils and Thermal Films Group has a leading presence in the security,pharmaceutical, architectural, graphics, and coding markets. The ITW Foils and Thermal Films Group produce a variety of secure, functional, and decorative films, coatings, and foils products for a wide array of consumer, industrial and major governments around the world including secure document programs, financial transaction cards, and major consumer goods brands. These unique customer focused solutions provided by the group make ITW an ideal fit with many of the applications validated by PragmatIC's recent prototyping activities.
ITW will also combine PragmatIC's printed electronics with other decorative and security features, such as holographic or metallic foils and laminates to enable a novel range of fully converted functional solutions across a diverse set of form factors including foils, labels, inlays and packaging.
Some of ITW's decorative and security solutions able to be further enhanced through the incorporation of intelligent and interactive printed electronics John Schneider, Vice President of Technology for the ITW Foils and Thermal Films Group, stated "We see a growing and very large opportunity for PragmatIC Printing's unique technology, as it provides a strong platform for product innovation across a broad range of ITW businesses. The P4 initiative ensures that it is not just an isolated technology, but rather part of a complete ecosystem enabling commercially viable solutions to be rolled out in the near future."
Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of PragmatIC Printing,added "We are extremely happy that our technical and commercial approach has been validated by a company with the market presence and diversity of ITW.
This relationship strongly complements our other P4 partnerships, and we look forward to working closely with them to establish and scale the entire value chain for complete printed electronics solutions."
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