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Universal Display & Plextonics strategic alliance

Companies enhance joint development efforts to accelerate development of solution-based Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials for phosphorescent-based display and lighting

Universal Display Corporation the leading OLED patent licensor and supplier of materials and technologies for energy-efficient OLED displays and lighting, and Plextronics, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacture of printed electronics technologies, have announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance to accelerate the development and commercialization of solution-based OLED material systems incorporating Plextronics' hole injection and hole transport materials with Universal Display's phosphorescent OLED emissive layer materials.
The companies entered into a three-year joint development agreement, and Universal Display made a $4 million investment in Plextronics.
"This agreement is an important step in Plextronics' efforts to further advance the development and commercialization of its Plexcore® materials for phosphorescent OLED applications," said Andy Hannah, President and Chief Executive Officer of Plextronics. "Plextronics has worked closely with Universal Display to develop initial Plexcore® HIL products for Universal Display's UniversalP2OLED® platform. The results of these efforts were compelling to the point it made sense to expand the relationship to include hole transport layer materials in order to achieve the next level of performance."
"After several years of collaborating with Plextronics, a leading developer of solution-based materials for OLED and other organic electronic devices, we are very pleased to strengthen our relationship and expand the development of next-generation, solution-processible OLED material systems for displays and lighting," said Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display. "By combining our UniversalP2OLED® printable, phosphorescent OLED material systems with Plextronics' hole injection and transport materials, our goal is to develop high-performance, solution-based OLED material systems that can enable the implementation of ink-jet, nozzle and other potentially cost-effective, solution-processing manufacturing techniques."
To see how Universal Display is changing the face of the display and lighting industries with its UniversalPHOLED®, white OLED and flexible OLED technologies, please visit the company at External Link.
To learn more about how Plextronics and its Plexcore® hole-injection and hole transport materials help improve the performance of OLED displays and lighting, please visit External Link.
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