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Posted on September 12, 2012 by
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Kunshan Hisense Electronics introduces new materials printer

Kunshan Hisense electronics, provider of conducting inks and industrial inkjet systems, introduced today its new Inkjet Deposition and Analysis System, the IJDAS -300, at the Chinese Printed Electronics Symposium 2012, Suzhou, China.
The new Kunshan Hisense Electronics Inkjet Deposition and Analysis System IJDAS-300 is a non-contact, fluid deposition system capable of jetting a wide range of functional fluids using multiple deposition print heads interchangeably.
The new IJDAS-300 joins the Kunshan Hisense Electronics IJDAS-200 printer introduced in 2010 of which more than 100 systems have been sold worldwide. The IJDAS-200 is a bench-top system designed for micro-precision jetting a variety of functional fluids onto virtually any surface. It can build and define patterns over an area of 100 x 100 mm and substrates up to 30 mm thick. It employs the use of print heads from multiple vendors allowing researchers to optimize print conditions by finding the most suitable print head and ink combination.
Expanding upon the IJDAS-200, the new IJDAS-300 features a higher positional accuracy and repeatability of ± 5 µm and ± 1 µm, respectively and a larger print area of 210 x 300 mm. The IJDAS-300 uses a temperature controlled vacuum table to accurately register, maintain and thermally manage substrates during printing. These substrates include plastic, glass, ceramics, and silicon, as well as flexible substrates from membranes, gels, and thin films to paper products. The printer includes an integrated drop visualization system that captures droplet formation images dynamically as droplet ejection parameters are adjusted to produce a tuned print head and fluid combination. A second camera system allows substrate measurements and alignment, observations of fluid drying behavior, and droplet placement.
The IJDAS-300 printer from Kunshan Hisense Electronics delivers a high-precision inkjet printing system that is ideally suited to meet the needs of printed electronics research and development activities. It does so by combining high accuracy motion control with the versatility to test print heads from mulitple vendors in a compact, self-contained and easy to use unit, the IJDAS-300 meets the needs of researchers in the area of printed electronics and related fields, and helps usher in the era of ubiquitous printed electronics.
Multiple print head models are supported interchangeably with the IJDAS-300 printer. The printer is preconfigured for the following Fujifilm Dimatix printheads
  • Spectra Nova, Galaxy, SL/SM, Skywalker and Polaris printheads.
Options for other printheads from Xaar, Konica, Ricoh and other major suppliers are available on request.
The IJDAS-300 printer from Kunshan Hisense Electronics fills the gap between experimental research and production equipment by having many print head options from a single nozzle ultra-small drop (1 pico liter) to high performance multiple channel print heads with drop volumes up to 80 picoliters with the required accuracy. Thus, the rapid transfer of new inks and printing processes from the fundamental (academic) level to new applications can be performed, leading to a significant increase in the use of inkjet for printing of functional materials.
Because print heads from different vendors can be used interchangeably within the same unit, scale-up from development to production can readily occur. This means that initial research, sample and process developments are translatable from the laboratory and can be used to specify prototype printing system design and development.
Kunshan Hisense is demonstrating its new IJDAS-300 on booth A16 at Chinese Printed Electronics Symposium 2012. The show is being held Suzhou, China between September 13th and 15th.
About Kunshan Hisense Electronics
Kunshan Hisense Electronics Ltd., China's leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printing systems for industrial applications, is driving a revolution in inkjet technology to support a new generation of products for printing, industrial product decoration and materials deposition. The company's innovative inkjet technology and world-class fabrication techniques enable OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers to build cutting-edge systems and manufacturing processes for high-performance, precision printing of traditional inks and deposition of functional fluids on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates.
Kunshan Hisense Electronics is also a major supplier of conductive silver inks for printed electronics, for fabrication of touch screen panels, solar cells, flexible PCBs, decorative printing and much more. The inks are based on a proprietary non-particle based silver complex resin which allows formulation of inks for a broad variety of print techniques - all the way from inkjet ink to screen ink with the same resin base. The in house ink manufacturing capabilities allows Kunshan Hisense Electronics to deliver both manufacturing equipment and inks tailored to customer needs.
Kunshan Hisense Electronics is headquartered in Shanghai, China where it maintains product development and manufacturing. The company sells and supports its products worldwide through offices in the United States, Europe and Taiwan. For more information, visit External Link To schedule a demonstration or for more detailed information, call +86-512-57928062, +86-13002176269 (mobile) or e-mail
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