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External Company Press Release

Intrinsiq Materials announce partnership with NTCW

Dr. Richard Dixon, Managing Director of Intrinsiq Materials Ltd (IML) and Prof. Emil J.W. List, scientific managing director of NanoTecCenter Weiz Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (NTCW) are happy to announce a strategic cooperation between the two high-tech companies within the field of inkjet printing material and process development for electric and electronic as well as for organic and large area applications.
Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company with facilities in Farnborough UK, and Rochester NYS, providing nanoparticle based copper ink formulations for printed electronics applications. Spun out of QinetiQ PLC, Europe's largest independent Science and Technology provider, IML is the UK's largest nanotechnology based company. Over the last 10 years, IML has produced over 200 different nanomaterials and now has a focus on developing nanomaterial based solutions for printed electronic materials. The company has experience in developing and selling products across a wide area of electronics based application areas including magnetic and semiconductor materials as well as highly conductive copper electrode structures for organic large area electronics applications such as displays, OLED for lighting and third generation solar cells. In December 2010 IML won the UK Business Innovation award for Emerging and Nano Technology for the development of nanocopper based ink systems.
NTCW is an Austrian non-profit R&D center for "Organic Optoelectronics and Sensorics" founded in 2006. The company's shareholders are the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH and the Graz University of Technology (both 50%). The project portfolio of NTCW reaches from contract research with industry on inkjet process development to applied research projects in the field of organic electronics and sensor development.
Since September 2011 NTCW hosts the "Research Studio Austria INKJET-FAB", a project focusing on the conversion of scientific inkjet knowledge to industrial relevant processes and applications within the E&E-, OLAE- and pharmaceutical industry. In particular, the fabrication of inkjet printed metallic and semiconducting structures used e.g. as electrodes in
(organic) (opto-)electronic devices or RFID antennas on various substrates represents one of the main activities within the research studio.
By combining the expertise of both companies, the full value chain from the ink development to the printing process, specifically adapted to the needs of the chosen target application, can be covered. Thereby, IML will bring in its expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, ink formulation and curing conditions. In return, NTCW will provide its expertise in the development and adaption of inkjet printing processes and in the fabrication of working demonstrators with inkjet printed components.
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