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Interlink Electronics' MicroModule integrated in Daisy Data

Interlink Electronics, Inc. has announced that Daisy Data has integrated Interlink's MicroModule, "mouse" pointing module into the latest Daisy Data 19 inch military PC-Fleetmate PC, their specifically designed solution for shipboard systems.
Interlink's MicroModule is now built into the Fleetmate PC from Daisy Data, a rugged military shipboard PC that uses the latest technology to comply with the demanding current military applications. Daisy Data Displays, Inc. (D3), is an industry leader in manufacturing ruggedized computer hardware and other equipment designed to endure harsh environments for military, flight simulation, oil exploration, pharmaceutical, or chemical and food industries.
The Fleetmate PC is a 19" LCD flat panel PC with integrated Glass-on-Glass Touch screen, COTS design and integrated 14-Key keypad and pointing device which gives it a versatile and efficient user interface. D3`s shipboard PC design meets the high-impact shock test for shipboard systems -MIL-S-901D, Grade A in addition to other key military standards.
MicroModule is a finger-actuated "mouse" pointing module that provides complete 360-degree directional control and accurate speed control simultaneously. It is ideal for computer cursor control in rugged mobile computers, hardened keyboards, navigation systems, machine control panels, pan and tilt controllers, motion controllers, CNC controllers and medical control equipment. MicroModule is a durable, maintenance-free "miniature" solution that works well in tight spaces and is capable of delivering "mouse" lifetimes of more than 3 million actuations. An integrated sealing rib also makes it possible to seal it into a system during installation.
"When designing units for the military market, especially those with pointing device requirements, consideration for shock, vibration and sealing are areas of concern" said Greg Drapcho, D3's Engineering Manager. "The MicroModule has a proven track record for fulfilling and surpassing our expectations of being a reliable fit as the pointing device of choice. Capable of passing testing as required for military products, the MicroModule also offers longevity of form, fit and function allowing us to support both legacy product and future designs."
"We are delighted that D3 has again chosen our Micromodule for their latest Fleetmate PC product", said Steven N. Bronson the CEO of Interlink. "D3's unsurpassed reputation for rugged performance and quality in all their products and their recent choice of Micromodule is a testament to the performance of our pointing device technology in such demanding applications".
Interlink Electronics is a global leader in the design of patented Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR®) technology. For over 27 years, Interlink Electronics' solutions have focused on handheld user input, menu navigation, cursor control, & other intuitive interface technologies for the world's top electronics manufacturers. Interlink Electronics has a 16-year-track record of supplying touchpads for use in uncompromising, harsh environments. For more information on Fleetmate PC go to External Link
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