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World's first mobile transparent rollable keyboard

Qii is the world's first truly mobile rollable keyboard, developed by Roll-Qi Inc. It is ultra thin and flexible and both full sized and pocket sized. The keyboard can be used on virtually any surface, hard or soft, flat or curved, turning your smart phone into a computer which fits into your pocket.
Nanotechnology and organic electronics make Qii possible. The full QWERTY keyboard has a number pad and function keys and connects wirelessly to your smartphone. The keypad has anti fingerprint coding to keep it clean and a textured surface for easy touch typing. It is dirt and water resistant and can be washed with soap and water, so spilling is not a worry.
They keyboard rolls up into a small, pocket sized case, and this case is also a touch pad allowing you to point, tap and scroll for easy surfing and editing and the keyboard can be rolled out fully, or only partially to access just the basic keys.
Qii uses a new kind of transparent, flexible electronic film together with a new touch sensing technology, developed by Canatu Ltd, a partner for Roll-Qi. New nanomaterials, new manufacturing techniques and now new touch technologies make Qii possible.
Roll-Qii Inc is now raising funds on Indiegogo. See
To find out more, hear Cantau speak at Printed Electronics USA, CA, USA, Dec 5-6 2012 .
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