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Electric field alignment of nanoparticles from CondAlign

Norwegian based company CondAlign has developed an electric field control technology which allows the rapid alignment of conductive nanoparticles. The process involves depositing a material with conductive nanoparticles and then using an electric field to align the particles in the desired orientation. Alignment occurs before the material is cured which results in high stability in electromagnetic fields after curing.
A key benefit of this is that it allows for the use of less metal nano particles to achieve similar performance characteristics compared to those with more metal, because in conventional nanoparticle inks the nanoparticles are randomly aligned and therefore are not in the optimal position. Using fewer particles saves cost of the ink, but it also offers other benefits, such as having ink formulations which may be more stable due to the use of relatively less particles. Alternatively, with the same amount of metal high conductivities can be achieved.
Alignment means the conductivity in one direction can be very high, which also leads to applications in chip attach systems, preventing short circuits in small areas such as bonding pads on ICs, as well as relevance for vias, transparent conductive films TCFs, energy storage devices, memory and for alignment of ink-based semiconductors for transistors. In particular, the company is targeting the PV, ESD and Sensor markets.
CondAlign will exclusively reveal details of this technology at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in Santa Clara, CA on Dec 5-6 ( For more details, also see External Link
Top image of Mark Buchanan of Condalign
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