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Conductive single-walled CNT system for screen-printing applications

Brewer Science introduces conductive single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) pastes that are stable, concentrated, and designed especially for screen-printing for conductive trace applications in flexible electronics, circuit boards, and back-end electronics packaging.
"These screen print-ready CNT materials allow quick and easy coating and patterning of single-walled CNT materials on a wide range of printed electronic and electronic packaging substrates," said James Lamb, Director of Brewer Science's Printed Electronics Technology Center. "These solutions contain no surfactants and require no additional post-process rinsing. We have used these systems to access the unique properties of CNT conductors for printed capacitor electrodes, inductor coils, antenna structures, and conductive circuit traces."
Carbon nanotube materials are developed by Brewer Science's Printed Electronics Technology Center as part of its CNT materials, applications, and device prototyping services at the Jordan Valley Innovation Center in Springfield, Missouri. "Brewer Science is focused on bringing the unique properties of CNTs for commercial electronics applications to customers in the next three to five years," added Lamb.
These Brewer Science materials with high concentrations of CNTs provide a thick film paste that is used to produce CNT conductive traces with sheet resistance of 6 ohms/sq in a single pass and 0.6 ohm/sq with multiple passes. Cure temperatures for desired conductivity results are between 115°C and 130°C.
Lamb will speak about "Printable CNT Conductors in Flexible Packaging and Wireless Sensors" at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA Graphene LIVE! Seminar on Thursday, December 6, 2012. The presentation will cover improved materials and deposition methods that allow CNT materials to be used to make conductive traces.
Visit Brewer Science at BOOTH O-03 at IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA in Santa Clara, California December 5-6, 2012.
About Brewer Science
Brewer Science is a technology leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials, integrated processes, and laboratory-scale wafer processing equipment for applications in semiconductors, compound semiconductors, advanced packaging/3-D integrated circuits, MEMS, sensors, displays, LEDs, and printed electronics. The company continuously introduces high-technology solutions that enable reliable fabrication of cutting-edge, high-performance integrated microdevices used in the most advanced and elegant electronics such as tablet computers, smart phones, digital cameras, flat-panel monitors and TVs, and LED lighting. Since 1981, when its ARC® material technology revolutionized lithography processes, Brewer Science has expanded its spectrum of technology to include products currently used in advanced lithography, chemical and mechanical device protection, thin layer handling, and 3-D integration, as well as products based on carbon nanotubes and nanotechnology. Learn more at External Link.
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