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20 years dedicated to promoting innovation

In two decades, CETEMMSA has become the Spanish benchmark in printed electronics and an ally to industry. Founded 20 years ago in Mataró (Barcelona) to promote growth and innovation in the industrial fabric, CETEMMSA has evolved to become today the Spanish benchmark in printed electronics and textile electronics.
The centre works closely with businesses and manufacturers who wish to use this technology to incorporate new functionalities to their products. These are companies that belong to a variety of economic sectors: health and well-being, automotive industry and transport, professional sports, safety and protection, technical textile or graphic arts.
CETEMMSA is a technology and innovation centre recognized by the Ministry of Science and one of the six advanced centres that make up Catalonia's TECNIO network. Its headquarters, at the TecnoCampus in Mataró, have an area of 2,800 m2 distributed over four floors housing its laboratories. At present it has 88 employees, 77% of whom work in the RD&I area.
CETEMMSA, which is a not-for-profit private foundation, obtained income of 6.3 million euros in 2011, from the services provided to 181 private companies and organizations, as well as RD&I grants, largely from Europe. Specialized in Printed Electronics The printed electronics industry will reach a world sales volume of 60,000 million dollars in 2020*. This industry seeks to flexibilize electronics by printing the different components: sensors, circuits, batteries or LEDs, solar cells, among others. *Source: IdTechEx
The skills of its research team pertain to different specializations: Chemistry, Electronics, Material Science, Telecommunication, Physics, Biology, Industrial Engineering and Textile Engineering. External Link
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