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Arjowiggins Creative Papers showcases Powercoat

Powercoat® has been launched, a remarkable paper that facilitates the seamless integration of electronic functionality and printed graphics. This ground-breaking paper facilitates a whole range of electronic possibilities for paper, from embedded RFID tags to more intelligent functionalities. This opens up a world of possibilities in packaging, advertising and other industries where there is a cross-over between the real and the virtual.
The paper uses existing pressroom environments and processes. It can withstand the high temperatures required for low-resistance silver ink without the discolouration experienced by other papers on the market.
Its natural properties and incredible smoothness, without any plastic content, makes more efficient use of expensive chemicals and inks and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and FSC certified. This allows not only tremendous saving on the cost of production but also a significant reduction of the environmental impact.
This latest innovation from Arjowiggins Creative Papers is sure to revolutionize the world of design and open up a world of unique possibilities. Designers can look forward to outstanding and exciting applications that push the limits of design. Intelligent functionality meets paper - the future is here!
Source and top image: Arjowiggins
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