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PST sensors at the heart of new temperature tag

A consortium led by Thin Film Electronics ASA has announced the concept prototype of an integrated printed electronics tag which records, stores and later displays critical temperature information (
At the heart of this exciting new development is a unique printed temperature sensing technology developed and produced by PST Sensors ( "Integration of functionality is one of the most compelling benefits of printed electronics" said Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, a leading Market Research company in the sector, but according to Margit Härting, CSO of PST Sensors "for system integration nobody has all the pieces, so collaboration is essential to build the complete ecosystem". She further adds that, "after time, temperature is the most often measured physical quantity. Our temperature sensors add the essential functionality to memory, logic, and power, but memory, logic and power enable the functionality of our sensors".
PST Sensors (pty) Ltd is a spin-out of the University of Cape Town NanoSciences Innovation Centre. It is positioned as a technology solutions provider, and works with its partners and customers to produce integrated temperature sensing and printed electronics products. Both its printed silicon technology and temperature sensing technology have received industry awards. PST Sensors has R&D facilities in Cape Town and offices in Cape Town and London.
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