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New organic electronic products to market

Swedish R&D company Arubedo AB and the Thin Film Coatings Group at the University of South Australia enter strategic alliance to bring new organic electronic products to market.
New and unprecedented organic electronic devices and applications are expected to hit the market in record-short time, as a result of the newly established collaboration between the Swedish organic electronics company and the Australian academic group.
"It's a match made in Heaven", says CEO Fredrik von Kieseritzky. "We make novel polymer building blocks, synthesis is what we do best, and we ship our compounds directly to Dr. Evans' team, where they deposit them on flexible and transparent substrates, using their cutting-edge vapor deposition method."
Already only a couple of weeks into the joint venture, a new material has been created. "It's still much too early to say how best to utilize our findings, but the data gives us confidence we are onto something big," says Dr. Evans. In the community, it is widely accepted that finding an all-organic alternative to ITO (indium-tin oxide) as the conductive layer in for example OLEDs and solar cells is the holy grail. It is believed that this is achievable within months - but the development doesn't end here. "Our plan is to bring completely new devices all the way from bench-top to consumer markets," says von Kieseritzky and adds: "Being situated in completely different time zones sure has its advantages; it means we can work around the clock - literally."
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