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Posted on January 31, 2013 by  &  with 1 Comment

First roll to roll machine for printed electronics

CETEMMSA now has a Roll-to-Roll flat screen printer machine for printing electronics on flexible surfaces. Designed over 6 months jointly by CETEMMSA and a manufacturer in the graphic arts sector from outside Spain, it has entailed an investment of 200.000 euros and is the first of its kind to be installed in Spain.
The new Roll-to-Roll equipment of CETEMMSA adapts to the printing needs of active inks (conductive inks with the capacity to react to different stimuli), their speed and has three different curing technologies.
For CETEMMSA the new equipment means, on one hand, bringing new capacities to the market in the area of research and scaling of pre-industrial processes and, on the other hand, continuing to grow in professional capacities and specialist profiles. Right now the centre has 76 professionals focused on research and development in the treatment of flexible surfaces, pre-industrial scaling and smart engineering for sectors as diverse as health and well-being, the automotive industry and transport, safety and protection or sport.
For the manufacturer, as this is the first machine it has manufactured for the Printed Electronics sector, it means entering this new market and, accordingly, it is in the process of establishing a mutual collaboration agreement with CETEMMSA in order to carry out new joint projects in this field.
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