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Joint research project FUNgraphen

The joint research project of four institutes, entitled "FUNgraphen" and funded by the German Federal Minister of Education and Research (BMBF), will build an innovation center aiming at the development of unconventional carbon nano materials, novel flat carbon macromolecules, nanocomposites and multilayer systems. Key components are large area ultrathin single layer carbon materials ("graphene") with average diameter of around 0.1 nm as new 2D carbon macromolecules produced from natural graphite.
Potential applications range from new additives and materials for highly resource- and energy effective light weight engineering plastics, graphene suspensions for tear-resistant and highly conducting grapheme papers, nano foams for highly effective thermal insulation, new lubricants and carbon nano fillers for fuel-economy tires, barrier resistant films, electrically and thermally conductive plastics, high heat conducting polymer insulators, halogen-free flame retardants and highly abrasion resistant surface layers. The "FUNgraphen" research program will build the chain of knowledge including graphene synthesis and scale-up, functional processing and materials evaluation. This will enable to identify the potential of graphene-based materials for the development of new engineering materials, rubbers and surface coatings.
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