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Solar Press and KROENERT announce partnership

Solar cell technology developer Solar Press and coating and printing experts KROENERT have announced the signing of a long term partnership agreement to develop and sell turn-key manufacturing solutions for Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) modules. This move, believed to be the first of its kind, will enable low cost production of light weight, flexible solar cells. This reduces the barriers to entry for OPV manufacture, extending the capability to all regions of the world.
Under the partnership agreement, Solar Press, a world leader in the development of OPV process technology, will develop and optimise its production process and ink formulations to enable the manufacture of commercial OPV modules using KROENERT's production coating and printing equipment. KROENERT will optimise its hardware to maximise the capability of Solar Press's OPV production process technology.
Chris Harris, CEO of Solar Press said: "KROENERT offers world class coating and printing production equipment that is ideally suited to volume OPV production. Our partnership agreement represents an important step in building the necessary eco-system of partners to bring about the delivery of turn-key production systems for manufacturing OPV modules using Solar Press' proprietary production process and ink formulations."
Frank Schaefer, Sales Director New Products for KROENERT said: "Solar Press have impressed us with their vision and the progress they have made towards delivering a commercially viable OPV production process and ink formulations. In partnership with Solar Press we can offer a turn-key OPV production solution that minimises the investment required by customers wishing to manufacture OPV modules and products."
About Solar Press
Solar Press UK Ltd was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between the Carbon Trust and C-Change, a partnership of leading academics specialising in plastic and printed electronics to commercialise OPV technology. Led by CEO Chris Harris, and CTO Jonathan Halls, and based in London, UK, Solar Press has a team of world class scientists and engineers. Solar Press is developing proprietary ink formulations, robust manufacturing processes and unique module designs for specific customer driven product applications, ranging from indoor energy harvesting to off-grid solar charging. By providing and supporting turn-key production systems Solar Press is able to meet the global needs for scalable, regional module production.
KROENERT designs, manufactures and installs laboratory as well as production Roll to Roll coating and printing equipment for web like materials such as polymer films, paper and metal foils. KROENERTdelivers worldwide to various industry sectors, including flexible packaging, for technical products and the electronics sector. With KROENERT's high end printing/coating stations as well as dryers and winding units the versatile requirements and high accuracy demanded for printed electronics production are met or even exceeded. KROENERT further provides an in house Technology Centre for customers where trials in laboratory or production scale can be conducted.
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