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External Company Press Release

Printed Electronics Research with acquisition of CeraPrinter X-Serie

Ceradrop is pleased to announce that the Tobin J. Marks research group, part of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, has acquired a CeraPrinter X-Serie machine as part of an ongoing close collaboration with Ceradrop (Limoges, France). The goal of this acquisition is to add an innovative tool in the well-equipped laboratory which is focused on catalysis and organic and inorganic materials for unconventional electronics. The group consists of nearly 40 researchers working in four laboratories: Organometallic Chemistry, Molecular Photonics, Transparent Oxides and Molecular Electronics.
"We chose to work with Ceradrop because they were the unique equipment manufacturer able to provide us with the required support that will permit us to make the inkjet printing process easier for Printed Electronics." said Professor Tobin J. Marks, head of the research group and co-founder of Polyera. "My team was in close contact with Ceradrop Process Team, well before the delivery of the printer. This collaboration helped us to prepare for the arrival of the machine and we were able to launch concrete first runs as soon as we received delivery".
"Ceradrop is very proud to build a close partnership with the Marks Lab, our first customer in the US. Professor Marks is a key player in Printed Electronics Research over the world and his choice of our technology represents a real honor" stated Nicolas BERNARDIN, Deputy Managing Director & co-founder of CERADROP.
"Following a short training session my team was completely self-sufficient on both the CeraPrinter equipment and the innovative CeraSlice CAM software. So that the first trials were immediately launched, that makes me confident for our current and future R&D projects", added Professor Marks.
Source: Ceradrop
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