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Social trends set the way to Printed Electronics

CETEMMSA has presented in Brussels a study that shows the products and the concepts which will absolutely influence in our lives thanks to this new technology and eyes set on the forthcoming European research program, Horizon 2020.
In addition to prototypes, the technological centre has exhibited to companies from different areas such as healthcare & wellbeing, mobility, sport, smart city and wearable, a macro trends guide in order to make innovation the key factor to the business growth.
CETEMMSA's study reveals that in 2020 the Printed Electronics will become part of our lives with products like electronic skin, electronic human tissues and organs or architectural urban elements which react to external stimuli. And about 2030, we will have digital food and we will regularly use the aerospace commercial transport thanks to the use of printed electronics in different sectors. Printed Electronics industry will reach EUR 60 billion turnover in 2020. The aim of the Printed Electronics is to make the electronics flexible by printing different components: Sensors, circuits, batteries or leds, among others.
CETEMMSA, with a 20-year history, is a technology centre carrying out research in the field of Printed Electronics and transferring its knowledge to companies willing to innovate through differentiated and high added value products. Its specialisation is within printed, flexible and flat electronics, as alternative to traditional silicon electronics, which allows for the addition of new functionalities to different surfaces (textiles, plastics, paper, polymeric films,...). It is now possible to emit light, store energy and physical or biological data, or interact with objects and people in a different and innovative way. CETEMMSA does it thanks to its integrated chain, covering from applied research to engineering, and product industrialization.
These smart devices are capable of contributing new utilities to a variety of economic sectors: health and well-being, automotive industry and transport, professional sports, safety and protection, packaging, architecture and construction and technical textiles, among others.
Government-certified and approved, it forms part of the TECNIO network and is one of Catalonia's six advanced technology centres. Its mission is to enhance the competitiveness of companies and help them through product innovation.
Source and top image: CETEMMSA
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