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MIT develops power electronics from organic semiconductors

A group of scientists, directed by Prof Akinwande at MIT have fabricated the first high voltage field effect transistor using thin-film organic semiconductor technology. High driving voltages have been achieved by the group by offsetting the drain or source electrode from the gate creating an un-gated semiconductor region in series with a gated semiconductor region. This achievement represents the first demonstration of integrated high voltage thin film transistors based on an organic semiconductor technology that can be manufactured at low temperature (< 95 degrees Fahrenheit) completely lithographic manufacturing process that is compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates.
Target applications include an "MRI blanket" that covers the patient body rather than a tunnel that patient goes through - because the technology enables flexible devices, in addition to other high voltage applications for flexible electronics.
For more information see MIT will present on this technology at Printed Electronics USA on Nov 20-21 External Link
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