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Cooperation established for new nanotechnologies

Heraeus Precious Metals and the research and technology provider rent a scientist GmbH have established a cooperation on the development and manufacture of Silver Nanowires.
The German companies have signed a licensing agreement which enables the Silver Nanowire technology to be offered to the market. The cooperation provides strength in development and production, as well as the marketing of advanced nanomaterials. Within the cooperation rent a scientist GmbH will continue to develop Silver Nanowires for new applications and Heraeus will serve the market with the new materials.
Silver Nanowires are often referred to as one-dimensional (1-D) materials. The diameter of Nanowires is in the order of nanometers (10-9 m). Nanowires have many interesting properties that are not seen in bulk or 3-D materials. Only small quantities are necessary to achieve the specific photonic, thermal and electronic properties.
Silver Nanowires are one of the most promising materials available to obtain a maximum functionalization of a material or product with a minimum of material consumption. From their geometrical structure, a percolating and thus conductive network can be obtained with a minimum amount of Silver Nanowires without the need of high drying temperatures. The combination of high conductivity and good transparency is suitable not only for the renewal and improvement of many existing uses, but also to open a broad range of new applications. Examples of such applications are transparent and conductive coatings and inks as well as resins and adhesives, electrically conductive synthetic or polymeric materials, yarns and fibers. The main application fields are EMI shielding, photovoltaics, touch and heating applications.
Dr Michael Jörger, Research and Development Manager at Heraeus Precious Metals said "the co-operation with rent a scientist GmbH is a positive move, providing the customer with an additional alternative in an expanding conductive materials market".
Dr Georg Maier, Executive partner at rent a scientist added "the application of nanotechnologies provides major new opportunities in conductive applications in a broad range of industries. Our joint effort with Heraeus provides a sound platform for establishing business in this field."
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