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New integrated plastic display system

The latest dresden elektronik development in electronic display systems technology, deZign, is the result of a close cooperation with Plastic Logic, with the potential to transform the way public transport companies operate.
dresden elektronik, the traffic management system specialist, is developing a digital timetable, based on Plastic Logic's unique plastic displays, with the potential to improve the operating efficiencies of every public transport company, slashing maintenance costs.
deZign enables the user to change the content of a timetable at the push of a button, instead of having to manually replace paper timetables at stations and stops. The Plastic Logic display is robust, daylight-readable and has extremely low energy consumption: no power is required to display fixed content, only updates require minimal energy. Furthermore, transport companies' printing and service costs are also drastically reduced.
An initial technology study will be released in mid-June; the first field trials are planned for mid-July. A key goal is to develop a version for rural areas that is self-sufficient in terms of energy so that no external cable connection is required.
"We are delighted to have won Plastic Logic as an experienced partner in display technology during this important development phase," says Lutz Pietschmann, Managing Director of dresden elektronik verkehrstechnik gmbh. "Thanks to the intensive collaboration and our common knowledge base, we will be able to fulfill the high requirements of energy-efficient information systems and offer marketable products in the near future."
Source and images: Plastic Logic
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