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Laser processing for customized OLEDs

4JET Technologies GmbH (Alsdorf, Germany) introduces a new laser process for customization and optimizing of organic LEDs. The new technology is a joint development with Novaled AG (Dresden). The innovation allows defined customization or grey scaling of encapsulated standard OLEDs. It also enables to optimize lighting density and is also suitable to isolate short circuits.
The new SLAM (Selective Layer Modification) process thus enables to create OLED signage solutions in lot size 1 and allows for individual logos or patterns.
The use of ultra short laser pulses leaves no visible traces in the processed area when the OLED is turned off.
The flexible laser processing of the delicate films requires no lithography processes. Hence for the first time custom tailored signage applications can be created after manufacturing of the OLEDs.
The partners 4JET and Novaled will commercialize the SLAM process together. 4JET offers both fully integrated production systems, as well as job shop processing of OLEDs.
The joint innovation is patent pending.
OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) are solid-state devices composed of multiple thin layers of organic materials often only a few nanometers thick that emit diffuse light when electricity is applied to them. Because they are an area light source, OLEDs are a key part of fulfilling the dream of the rapidly growing flat panel display market: paper-thin, highly-efficient displays with brilliant colors and excellent design flexibility.
OLEDs may also lead to new lighting products that combine color and shape to create innovative decorative lighting applications and personalized environments. In addition, OLED lighting products have the potential to offer greater cost and energy savings than current lighting technologies.
Source and top image: Novaled
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