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Smart sock provides fitness data

Every time you walk, run and exercise you are generating valuable data that, if properly analyzed, can produce meaningful views of your activity and the way you use your whole body. Sensoria Fitness is a fully instrumented sock with a virtual coach that monitors and guides you on how to improve your performance or better achieve your goals. The sensor filled sock is comfortable, washable and designed for runners.
The Sensoria product line is named after the part of the brain where all nerves in the body come together. Sensoria smart socks wirelessly connect their smart fabrics sensors to the consumer's mobile or big screen device. Heapsylon Sensoria is a family of textile sensors for the human foot. The sock shaped Sensoria device was been selected as one of the finalists for "The WT Innovation World Cup 2012" in the sport and fitness category.
Smart fabrics sensors send pressure data to the Sensoria Anklet. The Sensoria Anklet uploads data wirelessly either via computer or through a smartphone. The data is then added to a dashboard for either retrospective analysis or instant coaching.
"At Heapsylon we believe that in the near future each piece of clothing, garments and accessories will become computers. Heapsylon delivers on this vision by developing smart fabrics body-sensing solutions that improve people's lives." Said Mario Esposito, Chief Technology Officer with Heapsylon LLC.
Heapsylon's products can track exercise, activity type and level, in-footwear pressure and other interesting data coming from the user's foot. After over two years of research and development the new Heapsylon Sensoria wearable devices for fitness and healthcare are now at prototype stage.
Sources: Heapsylon, Indegogo
Image source: Heapsylon
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