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Swiss Investor is acquiring Nanosolar GmbH

Nanosolar GmbH has announced that a Swiss Investor has signed an agreement to acquire Nanosolar GmbH, the highly automated ISO certified module factory of Nanosolar situated in Luckenwalde in Germany.
Under the new strategy, Nanosolar GmbH is being re-structured and will focus its operations on two new products; a cSi based utility panel and a PV product for the residential market.
The utility panel will be used primarily for PV power plants of the Swiss Investor and for selected customers demanding high efficiency utility panels made in Germany. The residential PV product is targeted at the high value market of residential homes. The building integrated, high efficiency PV solution perfectly integrates into house aesthetics and enables high electricity production on a limited space, a high degree of self-consumption and compatibility with smart-grid home systems.
Nanosolar GmbH will continue to support existing customers with exchange modules, technical support, and service.
"We are very excited about this new strategy for Nanosolar GmbH," said Mirco Boldt, managing director of Nanosolar GmbH. "With our highly automated module manufacturing line and our proven experience of high quality module production we can offer our customers premium products tailored to the new era of grid parity installations."
In line with the newly adopted strategy, Nanosolar GmbH plans to grow the current workforce considerably over the coming months.
Top image: Mirco Boldt, Managing Director of Nanosolar GmbH
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