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Heritage Global Partners, Maynards for disposition of Nanosolar assets

Heritage Global Partners, and its parent company Counsel RB Capital, in partnership with Maynards Industries Ltd, have announced that they have been retained by Nanosolar Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of cost-efficient thin film solar cells and panels, to jointly manage a bulk and piecemeal sale for its state-of-the-art solar production and manufacturing equipment and related capital assets of its California-based factory.
"We look forward to partnering with Maynards to conduct the global online sale of Nanosolar's world-class assets. We anticipate very strong demand from worldwide buyers as the upcoming sale represents a unique opportunity to purchase high-quality assets that can be used in a variety of industries, in addition to the solar sector," stated David Barkoff, Director of Sales at Heritage Global Partners.
"We are extremely pleased to be represented by Heritage and Maynards, who we've selected for their extensive market knowledge and collective expertise across a wide variety of industries," stated David Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of Nanosolar.
Led by auction industry pioneers Ross and Kirk Dove, Heritage Global Partners is one of the leading worldwide asset advisory and auction services firms, assisting companies with buying and selling assets.
Source: Heritage Global Partners
Top Image: Nanosolar Corporation
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